O projektu

Audiovisual Sauna and Kritický pařník


The Audiovisual Sauna is part of the project "Kritický pařník" and aims to connect art critics, audiences and creators.


The purpose of the project and its activities is to strengthen audiovisual criticism and connect with creators and audiences through a series of lectures, discussions, workshops and the involvement of art critics in festival practice. Its theme is audiovisual art in a broad sense. Another activity of the projekt "Kritický pařník" is a workshop focused on the development of young dramaturgs Semaine de la critique in Czech.

The aim of the project is to change the mind-set of art criticism, which is often oriented without overlapping to other art forms. Informing the public about the possibilities of new attitudes, changing the common discourse with artists about thinking about art. All of this fulfils the notion of critical thinking and the development of critical discussions, which has been our organisation's focus for a long time.

It is art criticism that is a possible principle of connection with practice and its further development towards the audience, not only through textual and audiovisual outputs, but through direct communication with the audience. The implementation of new practices from the project activities for other cultural organisations is then another goal of the project. Thus, the development focuses mainly on art criticism, but its overlap is to the whole society and the creation of a new discourse concerning the reflection of art and its feedback to art and for art mediators.